Not So Free to Choose: The Political Economy of Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan

Not So Free to Choose: The Political Econo...


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This book is a critical and carefully documented study of the influence of the teachings of economist Milton Friedman on the current administration. Claiming that Friedman's popular writings have exerted a powerful influence on the policies, ideology, and rhetoric of the Reagan administration, the author examines some 300 columns Friedman has written for Newsweek along with his best-selling books, Capitalism and Freedom and Free to Choose. While conceding that President Reagan has sometimes opposed Friedman's recommendations, the author argues that by examining which Reagan proposals deviated from Friedman's laissez-faire line we can gain insight into the Presidet's real objectives as distinguished from the goals contained in his free-market rhetoric.

Author: Rayack, Elton

Language: English | Copyright: 1987

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