The Exchange Student

The Exchange Student


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What a time for an exchange student to arrive, Daria thought, especially one from another planet! Daria is one of Earth's youngest licensed breeders of endangered species, and she has enough to do caring for her menagerie without having to cope with Fen. Besides his color-shifting and endless questions, there is something about the way the lanky alien looks at her animals and his stubborn, even hostile refusal to talk about the creatures of his own world that makes Daria nervous. Fen, on the other hand, can't be happier with his new Earth family. Hoping for one pet, he lands in a zoo. Not one of his fellow exchange students, living in homes scattered across the Earth, has been as lucky, but each has found at least one animal to love, and all cherish the same wild, mysterious dream. With a sharp eye for human, alien, and animal ways, Kate Gilmore has written a challenging tale.

Author: Gilmore, Kate

Language: English | Copyright: 1999

Vocabulary Words

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  • zoology
  • llama
  • correspondences
  • slumbered
  • eyedropper
  • carport
  • communicator
  • abduct
  • monorail
  • enclosures

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