Short Circuits

Short Circuits


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Prepare to be jolted . . . electrified . . . zapped. Here are thirteen hair-raising stories that are bound to stun and shock you. There is great suspense in Robert Westall's "Aunt Florrie" and Larry Bograd's "The Reincarnation of Sweet Lips." Horrifying happenings occur in Annette Curtis Klause's "The Hoppins" and Patricia Windsor's "Teeth." Ghosts abound in stories by Joan Aiken, Vivien Alcock, Elsa Marston, Jane McFann, Frances A. Miller, and Joan Lowery Nixon. For a dose of comic relief, readers will gulp with glee at Ellen Conford's "For Pete's Snake," Gary Blackwood's "Ethan Unbound," and Steven Otfinoski's "Salesman, Beware!" Read this shocking collection at your own risk.

Author: Gallo, Donald R.

Language: English

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