Hard Science Fiction

Hard Science Fiction


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These 16 essays from the fifth annual J.Lloyd Eaton Conference at the Univershy;sity of California, Riverside, seek to come to grips with science fiction's core, the core at which "science must ultishy;mately seem to outweigh the fiction." Never before has hard SF been the topic of such extended discussion by such qualified people. The dialogue conshy;stitutes new (and potentially shocking to a traditional literary critic) modes of litshy;erary criticism, modes that take into acshy;count the impact of scientific speculashy;tion and method on our culture and on the ways our culture invents stories and myths. Essayists include writer/scientist proshy;fessors Robert L. Forward, David Brin, and Gregory Benford. Noted critics and writers with scientific backgrounds or interests include: James Gunn, Frank McConnell, George Guffey, John Huntshy;ington, Paul Carter, Patricia Warrick, Paul Alkon, Robert M. Philmus, David Clayton, Eric S. Rabkin, Herbert Sussshy;man, Michael Collings, and George E. Slusser.

Language: English

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