Secret Holes

Secret Holes


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It's turning out to be quite a summer for ten-year-old Sylvia Freeman. Not only has she discovered that the father she thought was long dead is alive, but she's also learned that her best friend, one-hundred-year-old Miz Lula Maye, is her great-grandmother. But the biggest surprise is yet to come when Miz Lula Maye tells Sylvia about secret holes. Secret holes, Miz Lula Maye explains, were places where people used to keep money and important papers. They could be anywhere -- under a loose floorboard, behind a wall, or even inside a bedpost. While Sylvia helps her best friend uncover hiding places from long ago, she decides there is something she must do. But is Sylvia ready to face what she finds? Book jacket.

Author: Flood, Pansie Hart

Language: English | Copyright: 2003

Vocabulary Words

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  • oughts
  • bulletins
  • faints
  • eyeballing
  • lemons
  • nastiest
  • pickle
  • kinda
  • alright
  • ponytails

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