Grandma Chickenlegs

Grandma Chickenlegs


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Tatia knows she should follow her dying mother's advice and stay away from Grandma Chickenlegs. But when her cruel stepmother orders her to visit the old witch, Tatia must obey. Bravely, she sets out through the woods, with her dear doll, Drooga, as her only companion. Once inside the witch's cottage a rickety shack that stands on chicken legs -- Tatia is guarded by the witch's dog, cat, and a magic elm tree. Grandma Chickenlegs clearly has terrible plans for her. To escape the witch, Tatia must be courageous and clever, and she must rely on the kindness of friends. Moira Kemp's dramatic illustrations, sensitive and funny, make this a classic picture book to be treasured by readers of all ages.

Author: McCaughrean, Geraldine

Language: English | Copyright: 2000

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